Interior design tips to make your bed and bedroom pop


If you think that the interior designers have a magic stick with them that they use to bring an exclusive look to your bedroom, then you are definitely mistaken because they do not have any such kind of secrets with them. They have the same mind that you have and they also use their mental abilities like you do.

The only difference between the interior designers and other people is that the interior designers use their mind in a proper direction and they conduct proper research about making several changes in a particular location.

It is true that they have a wide range of designs and ideas already available with them that they can use to suggest you the best design but you can also gain access to this wide collection of designs and ideas on the internet. The only step where you may face some difficulty is when you are going to decide a design that is perfectly suitable for your bed and bedroom.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about several interior design tips that can be used in any part of the world. These interior design tips would bring a unique and staggering look to your bed and bedroom. Here are the interior design tips that you can use to make your bed and bedroom pop.

Proper use of artwork

In this world, everybody has an artist living inside him that only wakes up when he finds something really attractive and beautiful. So, you can use the artwork in your bedroom to impress your friends that love the artwork. This idea would also make you feel relaxed and happy when you are in the bedroom. Make sure that you apply the artwork at an average height on the walls otherwise, it will look very awful and it will ruin the entire look of your bedroom.

Unique furniture

The use of unique furniture items can also make your bedroom pop. There are plenty of bed and bedroom ideas that can be applied in today’s world. For example, if you want to add a unique bed to your bedroom, you can choose to buy a trundle bed because trundle beds are unique and attractive and they come in different versions. So, you’d definitely feel very happy after adding this type of furniture to your bedroom.

Fish tank

Adding a fish tank to your bedroom can also bring a unique look to your bedroom. There are different sizes of fish tanks available. You can easily find the one that is perfectly suitable for your bedroom. You can also customize the fish tank according to your needs. Don’t forget to add the lights and filters to the fish tank otherwise, it won’t look more attractive. Click Here and find more interior design tips to decorate your bed and bedroom in a creative and unique way.…

How property managers should view interior design when trying to rent out their properties?


A property manager is responsible for making the most out of a property because this is what he is hired for. Most of the times, the property owners hire the expert property managers for taking care of their property as they are not aware of the elements that are useful in maintaining a property. Thus, the property manager is responsible for finding the right tenant at the right price and also look after the properties.

The interior design is the most important thing that requires your attention if you are looking to rent out a property because this is the main element that can easily grab the attention of a visitor. There are many interior design tips that you can think of applying to the house but as a property manager, you should definitely think a little bit unique and different so that you may find the best client for the property.

Unfortunately, most of the property management schools are not providing any guidance on this topic. However, you should not be worried about it because we have brought a set of different interior design tips that you must look for when renting out your properties. You’d definitely find these tips extremely helpful because we have designed them with the help of expert property managers of property management Sacramento.

Here are the tips that you can use to view interior design when trying to rent out your properties as a property manager.

Local design ideas

You must have proper knowledge of the locally famous design. If there are some traditional designs found in a specific area, you must make sure that you apply those designs to your property. This will pass a convenient impression to the visitor. There are some areas where rugs are commonly used. So, if you’re looking to target such a market, then you must make sure that you have good quality rugs added to your property. Similarly, if you are trying to target a market where antique items are common, you must consider adding antique products to the home.

The spaciousness

Most of the people look for a home where they can easily adjust all the furniture and other stuff. So, you must try to make the area look spacious by applying several ideas. For example, you can remove the paintings from the walls to make the room look bigger. Similarly, you can remove the unnecessary equipment from the rooms to add more space to the home.

High-quality material

You must make sure that you have used the high-quality material in the home because most of the people consider renting a house where they can feel comfortable for a very long time. So, the high-quality material would provide them the peace of mind.…

Friday Father’s Day Inspired Interior


Ok, I’ve said it before, and I’mma said it again – I’m from the south and there are a lot of stereotypes that might come to your mind:

Yes, we love fried chicken.

Yes, we drink sweet tea.

Yes, we talk slow ( don’t mean we stupid!  lol )

and holy crap, yes, our father’s hunt -with guns, to kill deer/squirrels/rabbits/birds, and then, yes, we eat it.

Check out this room inspired by my dad.  He loves hunting lodges, mountain houses, and, you know, dead things hanging on the wall and laying on the floor.  I thought I’d give him what he’d like, but also make it a little more sleek with glossy black accent tables, modern lighting and glass surfaces, coupled with a stuffed deer and a dead cow.

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Project Runway Interiors


I hope everyone was able to catch up on Project Runway on DVR over the weekend – if not – I’m about to ruin in for you! This week the designers completed one of my favorite challenges (second only to the drag queen challenge!) – they made fashion out of non-conventional materials – CANDY!  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE CANDY?

Hasn’t it been said 100s if not 1000s of time before that for the non-conventional material challenge, you should use the non-convential materials?  What are these designers thinking using fabrics that they found in the candy store?  Umbrellas, computer cases, dot candy sheets?  Come on guys… think outside of the box!

Come on, clearly you were going home, Lantie!

My Favorite look was inspired by the sea! This was probably the most creative and “outside of the box” creation by Sonjia!

But the winning look that we are featuring in our interior design was completed by Ven.  Loved the structure and shape of his dress made of crushed rock candy, but come on, it was a candy challenge – I would have liked to have seen the coloring be a little (or a lot) brighter!  Still a really nice look.

I may have modified Ven’s look a little to what I would liked to have seen – brighter! I love the pops of black in the interior as well – it give the space a harsh / modern look like the dress has.  What do you think?

Hope I didn’t ruin anything for you!

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