Friday Father’s Day Inspired Interior

Friday Father’s Day Inspired Interior

Ok, I’ve said it before, and I’mma said it again – I’m from the south and there are a lot of stereotypes that might come to your mind:

Yes, we love fried chicken.

Yes, we drink sweet tea.

Yes, we talk slow ( don’t mean we stupid!  lol )

and holy crap, yes, our father’s hunt -with guns, to kill deer/squirrels/rabbits/birds, and then, yes, we eat it.

Check out this room inspired by my dad.  He loves hunting lodges, mountain houses, and, you know, dead things hanging on the wall and laying on the floor.  I thought I’d give him what he’d like, but also make it a little more sleek with glossy black accent tables, modern lighting and glass surfaces, coupled with a stuffed deer and a dead cow.

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