Good designing tips for small bathrooms

Good designing tips for small bathrooms

Not everybody can afford to have a very big bathroom and enjoy the privileges that come along with it, and hence they will have to settle for a bathroom that is much smaller comparatively and having a small bathroom is also not a very negative thing that can happen to you, there are pros and cons in both the bigger bathrooms and also the small bathrooms there are many ways for you to a small bathroom to look like a bigger bathroom by adding the right things in the right place and making it look bigger and spacious for you to use .


Corner the sink (literally!)


This is one of the things that you should do in order to a very spacious bathroom there are many ways that you can execute this idea you can get measure the space first and then buy a perfectly square granite or marble piece and then use it to make a sink you can also put a sink directly just that you will be able to save a lot of money.


Shower curtain the best dividers.


This is one of the best things that you can do in order to have very spacious and very comfortable bathroom and the toilet, this is having 2 for the price of one this will also be a really good idea which provides individual space for the person who is taking a shower and the person using the toilet thus 2 people can use the bathroom at the same time and have their own private space. There are various types of shower curtains that are available in the market today they rang form thick plastic sheet to a glass divider, though the thick plastic sheet curtain is economical yet it does not give the amount of the freedom that the glass divider gives , these glass divider are not like the normal glass dividers, When a person steps into shower and shuts the glass door the glass doors get fogged immediately thus nobody can even accidentally see through the glass.


Edgeless vanity.

When you have a very small bathroom it is much better for you reduce the number of item that you are placing in the bathroom or at the least try to arrange the things inside the bathroom in an orderly manner so that you will be able to save a lot of space in the bathroom and the vanity cannot be placed as it has always been as its sharp edges may hurt someone while moving around in your small bathroom  hence measure the space in your bathroom and  then buy the vanity and make sure it is round for your comfort.


Extended counters over the toilet.

This is one very sophisticated design that you can use in order to save a lot of space and can have tiny box-shaped open, and then the remainder of the materials can be placed on the counters for some of the best click here for kohler toilets they are the top players in the field.

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