What To Expect And What Not To Do When Movers Pack For You

What To Expect And What Not To Do When Movers Pack For You

Generally, packers are people who have a lot of experience.  You will surely be amazed at how quick they are packing things. Their goal is to pack and load things to the ultimate capacity of the vehicles without exceeding the limits.

They are trained and experienced to live up to the standards and expectations of their clients. Packing is one of those jobs that looks easy, but the bitter truth is that it is one of the hardest things to do.

Things you can expect

Protecting your home

Protecting your house is the first thing that they should do. There are good possibilities that your home might get damaged during the packing process. They should make sure that the floors and the walls are not damaged in any situations. They can cover the floors and walls with papers or cardboards to ensure that they are protected completely.

Object segregation

Most of the packing and moving companies segregate the objects based on rooms.  There are a few who go that extra mile and make sure that the delicate objects like glassware are packed separately with extra protection. They will make sure that every object in a specific room will end up in one box so that there is no confusion when they are unpacked.

Goods Damage

This is the common doubt that everyone has when it comes to packers and movers. It is the responsibility of the company to move things and hand it over without any damages. To avoid the damage of goods, the packing must be properly done. Extra cushioning must be provided to objects that delicate.

Things not to do when movers pack

No advising

It is one of the common things that people indulge in.  Advising them while they are working is more of a distraction and sometimes when it exceeds certain level it starts to irritate them.  This could result in a lot of bad things.

Everyone should understand the fact that they are trained professionals, and they know the job. We can empathize that it is your home and your care about your belongings. But just imagine you in their situation. If someone is instructing or advising you in your work how would you feel?

Avoid doing things that will hurt their feelings

This entirely depends on you and you alone. It is better to avoid doing things that will hurt their feelings. Things like asking them not to touch some things, protecting precious things like jewelry right in front of their eyes and so on. It is mandatory to protect the precious and expensive things, but you should make sure that everything is done before they arrive. It is also important that you behave gently to them. Simple things like providing them with water when they ask will encourage them to do a better job.

Do not ask them to do things that are against their company policy

Like you, they also work for a particular company that has rules and regulations. It is important for them to stick on to the rules of the company. Asking them not to play by the rules will create uncomfortable situations and sometimes might cost their job.

Do not keep moving around

If you want to monitor them, it is absolutely fine. But make sure that you stay in a place where it does not cause any disturbances while they work. Constantly moving around while they are packing affects the flow of work.

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